Pandemic Driven Cyber Security

 Pandemic Driven Cyber Security

Ever since the COVID-19 broke out in Dec-2019, the foundations of Cyber Security Policies, Processes & Operations were slightly getting disturbed and displaced Geographically and within a Quarter - in March 2020, when it was finally declared a Global Pandemic a major change in the IT Processes and Operations were observed with almost all the Employees expected to be "Working From Home" now and still run the show for their Companies. This change was persistent across all Business sectors.

The 3 major areas that saw a sudden vertical rise in the adoption were  

    1. Cloud Infrastructure Adoption
    2. Secured Remote Access & Collaboration Tools  
    3. SASE (Secure Access Secure Edge) Solutions 

Employees, who were used to work within the Office Premise were now conveyed to Work From Home, with manageable efforts to keep the show running.

The Users who started working from Home now experience full freedom from their Home    Wi-Fi, without any Office /IT controls in place. Moreover, no Help-desk , no Web Usage Monitoring , No Data Ex-filtration monitoring etc. setup a complete cakewalk for the Hackers to create a havoc in the name of Exploits, Phishing mails, Rootkits and Remote Access Tools (RAT) to compromise Users/ Accounts / Credentials and more. Scams and Frauds related to COVID Precautions and Guidelines were atop. 

Moreover, the Zero Day Threats for VPN solutions and Collaboration tools like Zoom, Team Viewer, and more also increased during this period and Exploits to compromise these tools were available for a few Hundreds of $$$ Dollars over Dark Web ~ Almost Hourly

Mind-you that it was not only the Office Users who were Working From Home. The Kids were made to attend the School classes also online. We can just guess, how many times a company Laptop would be used to attend online classes or being shared with Working-Spouse for  Web meetings or some urgent stuff. (With the Zero Day Exploit of Zoom / Team Viewer installed on it -👽)

A Few Millions of Jobs were Lost/Changed and we don't even know if the newly joined employees were trained enough to securely work from Home and the ones who left the Job, carried how much of Company Data with them (we can just hope that they did not join Competitors). 

The Effects for the all this were seen gradually with High Volume of Data Compromise Incidents and Ransomware, Scams and Frauds. (Globally)  Though all this was unavoidable and unplanned, the most important point being left out was User Training for Basic Security Awareness and Processes.  

This quick Training can include at a Minimum following Contents: (in form of Small Videos,  which the Users can enroll online and access it on the go & Of-course Low cost 😉)

This video explains the effects of "Pandemic Driven Cyber Security"

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Had the Users were Trained enough to work Securely from Home, the Number of Compromises would have been much lesser and moreover the Users would have been self sufficient to handle initial level of Attacks and Compromises.

If you want to get trained yourself as a Remote Worker or an Office Employee on the Go or If you are the Employer and you want to quickly train your Remote Workforce on Cyber Security , then just jump right into the course.

[2022] Cyber Security Guidelines for Organizational Users

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