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Pandemic Driven Cyber Security

 Pandemic Driven Cyber Security Ever since the COVID-19 broke out in Dec-2019, the foundations of Cyber Security Policies, Processes & Operations were slightly getting disturbed and displaced Geographically and within a Quarter - in March 2020, when it was finally declared a Global Pandemic a major change in the IT Processes and Operations were observed with almost all the Employees expected to be "Working From Home"  now and still run the show for their Companies. This change was persistent across all Business sectors. The 3 major areas that saw a sudden vertical rise in the adoption were   Cloud Infrastructure Adoption Secured Remote Access & Collaboration Tools   SASE (Secure Access Secure Edge) Solutions  Employees, who were used to work within the Office Premise were now conveyed to Work From Home, with manageable efforts to keep the show running. The Users who started working from Home now experience full freedom from their Home    Wi-Fi, without any Office /IT